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Discover the warmth and softness of Alpaca!

All the same properties as wool, without the itch.

If you would like to purchase one item feel free to use to button on each item page to order quickly. If you would like to order multiple items please use this link (https://owl-ridge-alpacas.square.site/) which will take you to our square store. This keeps your shipping cost lower.

About Our Store

Family - Fiber - Fun

Welcome to our store!

(12/21/2022) This Fall has turned into a pretty busy time of year for us, and as such our inventory isn't what it usually is and I honestly have not updated what is in stock. Having a few days off over the holidays will hopefully help me get everything updated again. This goes for our square site (https://owl-ridge-alpacas.square.site/) as well.

So if you see something you are interested in - don't hesitate to reach out and make sure it's in stock.

Don't see something you think would be good for us to carry - by all means let me know and I will see what I can do. I have heard folks want Roving, so I'm currently looking into that.

Thanks for visiting & Happy Holidays! Jodie & Dan