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Shearing Day Has Arrived!

Ortiz before...
Ortiz durning...

Ortiz durning...

Good Friends - Phyl & Connie.

Good Friends - Phyl & Connie.

Finally, it's time to shear. I'm amazed at how proud our Alpacas walk into the barn and walk out almost wondering where half their body went. That look quickly disappears when they discover a great dirt hole and finally get to roll and scratch their backs!

This was the second time shearing at Owl Ridge and I have to say it went pretty smooth. Our good friend Phyl came back to help out again (for those of you that go thru shearing it's a true sign of a good friend when they come back again!), and new friends Connie and Ron joined in the fun as well. I still have to wonder why it takes us until the last two alpacas to really get into the swing of things!

I have to give a shout out to Kyle O'Rourke who also came back to shear with us this year (thank goodness). He did another outstanding job, and has a sense of humor that makes the day go by even faster. See ya again next year Kyle!

He can be found at . . . http://www.tuckawayalpacas.com/shearing.html.

Overall it was a great day and a lot of fun. Anytime spent with our herd and our friends makes for a great day - a great nights sleep as well! 365 days until it happens all over again.