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Good-bye My Friend

It's with great sadness and with many tears that we pass along the loss of one of our family today. Sierra, was with us for 12 years - an extremely long life for a Saint Bernard - but one that filled our life to the fullest. In human years she was over 80. We saw the signs - slowing down, couldn't hear a dang thing, and started preparing mentally - but you never are really prepared are you. It's amazing what joys, frustration, sometimes anger that an animal can bring into your life - but somehow they fill a hole in your heart you never realized you had until they are gone. It's a shame they are only with us for what seems to be a fleeting moment in time.

Sierra was there when our daughter first learned to walk, and never moved when she and her brother thought she was pillow or tried to ride her like a horse. Sierra always thought she was a lap dog, and we have many memories of her laying across the laps of friends that happened to be sitting on "her" couch. She was a great foot warmer, but a huge bed hog! Why is it that a large dog can jump on a bed and not wake you up, and then you wake up when you can't move your feet - and scoot over so they have more room?

Her passing has left a huge hole in our heart, but her memories will forever warm it!