Owl Ridge Alpacas

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It's been a long day, time for a nap!

It's been a long day, time for a nap!

Freckles, some people love em, some people hate them. For me, it's a part of who I am. I've had them since I was little, and if I'm in the sun they become even more pronounced. Both of my kids have them to, and when they were little I told them they were kissed by Angels.

So, when our newest addition arrived early on July 5th, and came out with spots - it was a no brainer to name her "Owl Ridge Angel Kisses" aka Freckles.

She is the cutest alpaca that I have ever laid my eyes on, and if there is any indication from her fleece, she's going to be gorgeous. Her sire is a 9 time banner winner, and her Dam is the mother of "Owl Ridge Lightening Storm" who is showing exceptional fleece characteristics as well.

For now, we will continue to watch her grow and explore with her buddy "Belle."