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Two Places at Once

Alpaca Gala
Ortiz & Storm Watching the Tractor Parade

Ortiz & Storm Watching the Tractor Parade

Have you ever found yourself needing to be in two places at once - and wondering how you were going to pull it off? We were faced with that dilemma this past weekend when Owl Ridge Alpacas was booked to be at both the "Interlaken Historical Society County Fair and Plowing Day" in Interlaken, NY and at the "Alpaca Gala" located in PennYann, NY - on opposite sides of Seneca Lake - - and both wanting live Alpacas present!

Divide and conquer was the answer - but how with only one trailer?

Our friends mini-van, was the answer. We had heard it was done before - many Alpaca breeders use them, so we thought we would give it a try. It worked - and there were stories - unfortunately the guy with the mini-van (Dan) didn't take any pictures. He did however learn a few things.

#1 - Alpacas would rather go in the side door than the back door.
#2 - Make sure you close the back door if you try and put them thru the side door.
#3 - If you don't ensure all the doors are closed (except the one you are trying to get them to go thru) chances are they will just walk out the other door!
#4 - Alpacas can jump - a table no less. So if you take one out of the pen, blocking the exit with a table isn't going to work.