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Storm does it again!

2012 AOBA National Show - 2nd Place!
Owl Ridge Lightening Storm - 2010 Fleece

Owl Ridge Lightening Storm - 2010 Fleece

To our joy and amazement, "Owl Rige Lightening Storm" took 2nd at the 2012 AOBA National Show - Handcrafters Spinoff Competition! Just received the judges scorecard and ribbon in the mail this afternoon. I still think I'm floating on a cloud. It was on a whim that I even entered, decided at the last minute to give it a try - I'm sure glad that I did.

Judges comments included: "A Beautiful, well nourished fleece with a soft hand. The staple length is not long enough to be recommended for a warp yarn, but the hand is suitable for even a baby's sensitive skin. It would also make a lovel felted garment" Score: 91.5 out of 100!

I'm going to have to get started on gearing up for more spin-offs!