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Alpacas with Flags!

Growing up in Wisconsin, it wasn't uncommon to drive by farms that had flags on their silos. Legend (if you could call it that) said this was a way to indicate that their silo was bought and paid for. A google search indicated the same, as well as a way for farmers to show their patriotism.

Here at Owl Ridge Alpacas we are starting a new tradition - - Alpacas with Flags! Of course it's not as permanent as painting one on a silo, but for us it has marked a milestone. We now own our entire herd outright, and that is a great feeling! Having one less monthly payment.

When we first got into Alpacas we were very fortunate to meet some great folks (and we continue to do so on a routine basis) who have helped us every step of the way, from the mundane repetitive questions to the creative financing that allowed us to build up our herd. That is what it's all about in this industry, helping each other be successful, and in doing that we are all successful.

Thanks - - Jeff & Leslie Jorritsma of Autumn Mist Alpacas & Fiber Mill and John & Tacha Gennarino of Sandy Creek Alpacas for helping us get started on this great adventure and into this great lifestyle.

Most importantly - - thanks to all the Military personnel and their families for the sacrifices that you all make on a daily basis. Without you, none of us could be doing what we do!