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Hurry up an wait...

Come on Freckles, wake up!

Come on Freckles, wake up!

"Hurry up and wait" I hear this all the time in the government. I think the same theme holds true with Alpacas. You research, plan and finally determine who you're going to breed your female Alpaca to, hurry up to get them to your sire of choice, timing for the month you desire and then you wait. And you wait.

And finally as her due day grows closer you wait some more - watching for all of the signs, trying to figure out if this is the day or not. You try not to get sucked into the waiting game, but you do - its a natural thing, as we all get excited to see what we've been waiting for.

Darby extended the waiting game for us this year, holding onto her little one for an additional 10 days past her due date. That may not seem like such a long wait, and could have gone on much longer - but we got sucked in. Phone calls from work to home, wanting a status update - only to be told "Nothings changed since you called 20 minutes ago." Until finally one day, when you aren't even thinking about it, you get the call you've been waiting for.

Ultametly when it's time it's time, and all good things come to those who wait, and often wait somemore. It's all good - especially when you see your new addition for the first time and a few days later watch them hopping around the pasture!

Owl Ridge Belle was worth the wait. A beautiful dark brown female - born June 28th! Mom and baby are doing fine. The wait never bothered either one of them.